Blue color will So Automotive Trends 2018

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Welcoming the new year 2018, predicted to be a blue color car color trends. Automotive experts said that blue and metallic blue color will become a popular alternative. Nowadays gray, black and white became the most popular color in the automotive market.

Analysis of indicates that the current car’s color became part of fashion.Cars with blue surged during this year and is predicted to continue to grow in the years ahead.

One reason for the appearance of blue color of choice for automotive manufacturers to avoid solid white color into color choice. Very difficult for them take care of this color and lose the advantage of a large selection of metallic paint colors they have used.

Currently the white color is becoming popular in the market, but the metallic blue color options will continue to show progress. The white color is the main color in the world, but the color and the buri show visible progress will be in the forefront.

“It is interesting to see how the manufacturer in strategic areas can affect what we see on the streets. If we choose three colors that are popular in Inggtis, then we can say gray, black, and white, but afterwards we see the blue,” said the representative,Tim Alcock.

Another trend prediction in 2018 is to continue the development of electric cars, with a wide range of the latest models on the market. Volvo has said that they are ready to launch the car in 2019, one of which is an electric car, either full electric car or a hybrid car.

Car sharing or a ride, including a shared taxi is predicted to increase in the next year. Only a few young people learning to drive. In addition, they expressed no wish to have a private car. They see the car as part of a very busy lifestyle, it is easy to take them from one place to another.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany this year, Director of Benz, Dieter Zetscge said that in the future, people will just call the car and share it with people who will go to the same place or event. He predicted from them will be closer and the beginning of their romance.

E-hailing or transport online as courier or driver will be becoming more common because it is already present in many cities. Meanwhile, although the real test will be continued, but a car without a driver yet to become a reality in 2018. Need much time is needed for that, as reported on page Daily Record.