Why Rust Is So Bad for Your Car

Is rust ever welcome? Perhaps rust is a welcome addition if you’re making some sort of creative art piece, some outdoorsy- type thing that represents the symbiosis between mad made items and the elements, a nod to the decay of what we build. Something carefully built and possibly even sealed just to prevent (ironically) against further rust and decay.

Rust is rarely ever welcome outside this very specific set of circumstances. Maybe you’ve wished rust upon someone else at some point in time, in a moment of spite. “I hope their boat catches a leak and their entire hull rusts!”. But you certainly don’t want rust in your own life – those creative artists we mentioned earlier aside!

Rust is just as bad for your car as it is for say, your roof. If the roof of your house rusts through, you’re going to have a dirty great big hole there and it’s going to be raining in your lounge room. Which is the whole point of having a roof in the first place, right? So that you don’t get rained on?

Same goes with your car. If your car gets rusty then it might not be able to do the job that it was made to do i.e. drive you around safely. Just like the rust in the roof of your home weakens the structural integrity of the roof, so too does rust in your car weaken the structural integrity of your vehicle.

What’s most important about this is that if you find yourself in an accident (and your car has significant rust throughout), your car is literally going to crumble around you. This is a very, very unsafe situation to be in – you shouldn’t be driving around in that old bomb at all, because it’s literally that, a ticking time bomb.

There are other parts of your car apart from the frame that are equally as dangerous if rusted. Consider your brake lines or fuel lines? If your brake lines rust out you’re going to be careening into whatever is in the path of your vehicle – and you might not have any indication that this is about to happen. If your fuel lines rust through you’ll be leaking fuel – which is not only dangerous around flames but is expensive when you consider the cost of petrol, too.

There is also the fact that a car just looks straight up nasty when there are rust spots. Even if they are just small, it’s going to reduce the resale price of your car considerably.

When it comes to rust, prevention is the best method of attack. However, if you have small bit of rust that you discover then you need to address this and correct it before it spreads.

You can get rustproofing for your car with systems like Couplertec Electronic Rustproofing, applied by professionals who take care of your car. This system helps prevent rust from taking hold, and is a one off system.

Of course there are at home surface sprays and the like that you can use to guard against rust, however these will never be up to the same standards as professional systems. It’s recommended that you do your homework before deciding on the best preventative system for your car.

If you already have rust on your vehicle, then either take it to the professionals to treat, or there are some DIY videos on YouTube that teach you how to do it yourself. Be mindful that DIY jobs have varying results, depending on your skill level as well as the correctness of the guide that you’re following.