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The Role of Oil Additive in Detail

In addition to lubricants, there are also additional ingredients called oil additives. Oil additives are additional ingredients that function as “vitamins” for lubricants. Its use is diverse, including cleaning, antifreeze, antifoaming, maintaining oil viscosity, strengthening metal layers, etc.

Additives act as a cleanser containing a kind of cleaning solution of dirt on the metal and inside the lubricant itself. The dirt will dissolve and flow with the lubricant until it finally passes through the filter and will be held back. Antifreeze additives are very popular in cold countries; these additives are very helpful when the engine is started in the morning.

Antifoaming additives are needed to prevent the appearance of foam on oil due to high engine speed. The presence of air bubbles will interfere with the lubrication process if the bubble is attached to the metal machine. The metal just below the bubble is not coated with lubricant at all, so that when the bubble breaks, the metal with metal rubs against each other, accelerating wear.

Additives to maintain lubricant viscosity are needed to prevent lubricating diluents. At engine temperatures too high due to the engine working for a long time and in hot temperatures, for example when jammed, the lubricant will dilute. Dilute lubricants are less effective in carrying out their duties, because it creates oil additives that can maintain oil viscosity.

Before pouring TriboTEX into the machine, it is better to check the lubricant specifications first. Because, some brands of lubricants have been equipped with additives, so that vehicle owners do not need to add oil additives. Don’t forget to read the instructions for using lubricants on the packaging. Also worth remembering, these additives are not to extend the life of the lubricant as long as possible, so you still need to replace the lubricant periodically.

Oil additives also contain substances or liquids that are very slippery. This material protects the metal surface for longer. This material will adhere perfectly when the mileage exceeds 5,000 Km, even when the lubricant is replaced this liquid will remain attached to the metal surface to approximately 20,000 Km. There is a lot of information that needs to be learned about oil additives by car owners, you can find it through TriboTEX.